Windows: Grand Unifying Theory

While contemplating the upgrade status screen on my Vista to Windows 7 upgrade, I had a Eureka moment… the Grant Unifying Windows Theory which goes:

“The second or third iteration will any version of a Windows operating system be the one you want to install”.

Working backwards:

* Windows 7
* Windows XP
Windows 2000
Windows ME
* Windows 95
* Windows 3.1
Windows 2
Windows 1

Windows 1 and 2 were throwaways; it wasn’t until 3.1 came along that Windows was established as a GUI OS. Win95 was fairly solid, followed by the bastard children ME (hopeless), and Windows 2000 (based on the NT code…. but with inadequate driver support). Then came XP which is really the benchmark. And if you have XP working solidly now, why bother upgrading?

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