Odds and Sods: SX270 in Peril, Macbook in Parallels, MSDN Roadshow

Several things in play today:

1. I’m installing the free Microsoft virus scanner on the SX270. Once I started the SX270 it was silent….after about ten minutes warming up the fan is now rushing again, and has risen to an unacceptable roar. This may be the end. I will probably pop the cover and look inside, just to be sure the dust is gone….but if the noise persists, then this unit may be useless as an office or classroom machine.

2. Went to the MSDN Roadshow sponsored by Microsoft New England. Chris Bowen, one of the presenters has all the details. If you are at all interested in programming on a Microsoft platform, (and are further along than entry-level in programming), then these roadshows are, quite simply, terrific. Topics included LINQ.

3. I’ve upgraded my iMac to Parallels 5 per a postcard I’ve received. Problem now, is that after it has blown away my version 4.0 they’ve set to send the email with the installation key, so I’m running on a temporary key. This has eaten up over 90 minutes of time; something that should have taken about 2 minutes. Windows 7 looks great, with Aero and everything, and still is quite snappy on the iMac. The Macbook is another story….it basically is broken, and I’m probably going to try using Bootcamp to allow the Macbook’s 2 megs of RAM to be allocated to Windows.

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