Odds and Sods

Comparison of Wireless Technologies

Ever wonder what the difference is between BlueTooth, IRDA, and Zigbee? Of course you have. And now you can find out on the BlueTooth SIG website, which has a short description of current wireless technologies.

Mini-Me Workstations

The Dell Optiplex 160 is an Intel Atom-based desktop box available with a number of options including single or dual-core processor, and solid state hard drives. Another source for small computers, which I know are quiet, since we’ve got a couple dozen, is of course, Logic Supply.

Notes on Dell ordering

It has been awhile since I’ve ordered things on the Dell web site and it sure is confusing. For instance, when I wanted to order a Dell Workstation with a pair of matched monitors, the web site allows you to choose from about 5 different units for the “first monitor”, but then presents a single choice for the “second monitor”. The choice for the second monitor doesn’t match any of the selections possible for the first monitor. So I ended up calling them, (another twenty minutes and two calls navigating the phone tree) and the rep blithely suggested to remove the second monitor on the order and place a completely separate order for it. What used to be easy on the Dell site is now hard, what used to be simple is now complex, and the site is a cluttered visual disaster. Still we’ll order a Dell Workstation with dual monitors for about $1400 and what looks to be a nice Optiplex tower with monitor for about $600.

MacBook Boot Camp with Windows 7

Nice. I’m still a little antsy, not having heard from Parallels about my registration key. So, my iMac Parallels version 5.0 upgrade is in peril, and I’ve simply given up with Parallels on the MacBook. So far, everything works fine within Boot Camp on Windows 7 with one very weird exception; the Dot Net Framework version 4.0 beta. This simply won’t install within Windows 7 running on Boot Camp.

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