Twitter Resources

Because they have published an open API, Twitter has spawned a slewof applications. Here is a list of applications that appear in The Twitter Book by O’Reilly.

Twitter Shrinkers

140it will trim down your post to conform to the 140 character limit. will shrink a long URL, and will also allow you track the clickthroughs shrinks down a URL really tightly, but does not allow tracking shrinks down a URL, but preserves the underlying domain.

So, let’s see what these services would produce. Let’s say I’m posting a tweet that points to a blog entry at…. Here is the original URL: shrinks this to: shrinks this to: As they say, 72 characters shorter! shrinks this to: Indeed it preserves the domain name.

Searches and Trends
allows you to monitor multiple topics in realtime.
monitors links posted in Twitter, and ranks them by popularity in real time.


Combination of Client + Search + Stats
Still trying to figure this out. Check out the interactive topic cloud. shows trending topics over various time spans

Organize a Tweetup

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