"Upgrades" Uh-Oh (Fairpoint)

So, we called Fairpoint a couple weeks ago asking to upgrade our DSL from the lower speed, of 3 megabits download, 768Kb upload to something like 8 megabit download and 1.5 megabit upload. They offered us the latter speed for an increase of $10.00 per month, for a total of $69.00. This is equivalent roughly to what I pay for my home connection via Comcast cable.

They gave us a due date. Missed that twice. Finally, a guy calls today saying the order had been completed, and and asked whether I noticed any speed difference. So I go to dslreports.com and run a test to New York city, which gives me a latency of 24ms, and a download speed of 3 megabits and change, and an upload speed of 654Kb. This is at 5:00 PM on Friday afternoon, so it isn’t as if there is a lot of competition on the LAN. So, I’d say, nothing has happened, since the speed test I ran a week before the upgrade was roughly the same.

So, then, he says I should call the tech support line and request tech support. Excuse me, isn’t that their job?

1 thought on “"Upgrades" Uh-Oh (Fairpoint)

  1. Larry Keyes

    Follow-up: I received a call from FP and they scheduled a technician to come out. He came as advertised, and after poking around the punch-down blocks, removed what looked like a giant ringer capacitor. This is apparently an issue when going into higher speeds; and we have the DSL on our fax line and so had maintained a ringer.

    Looks promising…. downloads speed now just touching 6 megs. (during the course of the day). So it has definitely improved.



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