Tech for Home Healthcare Blog: Its Alive!

After two years (two years!) of languishing with two entries in a WordPress format, I finally bit the bullet and restarted TFHHC as a blogspot blog, which will eventually, I hope, be available under (Whenever I manage to get the DNS settings correctly changed over). Check it out at

Tech for Non-Profits will still be the place for non-profit IT-related ideas and “discussions of things that work and lamentations for things that don’t work….”. Tech For Home Health Care will cover aspects of telemedicine and telehealth delivered to the home in the home.

Update: —- ten days later, another change back to WordPress. This time for good, I think. Link changed above.

3 thoughts on “Tech for Home Healthcare Blog: Its Alive!

  1. Austin Explorer

    I would love to hear your thoughts on Blogger vs WordPress. Why the change?

    Nice blog, by the way. I just found it and am planning on going back through your posts to see what pearls of wisdom I can harvest. Thanks!


  2. Larry Keyes

    >>difference between WordPress and Blogger…

    Actually, I found I couldn't stand the Blogger templates, so i reverted back to WordPress, and got a free hosting account on their servers, and for $9.50 or so pointed my domain name to it.


  3. Austin Explorer

    Good to hear that. By the way, Godaddy is a great domain name host service and you can always find discounts by searching Google. I gotta play around w/ WordPress. Have used b2evolution, too, but it seems like most folks use WordPress.

    Take care!



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