Certificate in Nonprofit Management: Fall Openings

Scholarships Available for Fall

Marlboro College’s Certificate in Nonprofit Management is an important investment in your professional development. This four-month, 10-workshop series will give you the tools to direct effective change in your community and in the world.
We strive to keep the tuition for our Professional Development Certificate reasonable. However, we recognize that even a small amount of financial aid can make a big difference. This semester we are pleased to offer three special scholarship programs: Partnership for Capacity Buildingmatching grants for students partially sponsored by their employers; Potash Hill Grants for Marlboro College alumni; and need-based Grants for Individuals.

Partnership for Capacity Building matching grants

Nonprofit organizations recognize that advanced training in leadership and management is critical to the competitive strength and ongoing vitality of the sector.  However, for some smaller organizations, meaningful investment in staff development can be financially challenging. Marlboro College created the Partnership for Capacity Building program to allow all stakeholders to join forces and build a more skilled, effective and confident workforce.  Talk to your employer about partnering for effective change.

Potash Hill alumni grants

Marlboro College is proud of the diverse and inspiring contributions its alumni have made to the nonprofit sector, and we are always delighted to welcome our graduates back for further training. If you have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from Marlboro, you are eligible for a Potash Hill alumni grant of $150 toward your Certificate tuition.

Grants for Individuals

We also have a limited amount of need-based aid available for students in difficult financial situations.


In addition to these scholarship programs, each semester we hire two students to serve as on-site coordinators for the program in exchange for a partial tuition waiver. If you are interested in exploring this option, please contact Kate Jellema at (802) 451-7510 or nonprofit@marlboro.edu.

Find out more…


Kate Jellema, Director
Program in Nonprofit Management
Marlboro College Graduate School
28 Vernon Street
Brattleboro, Vermont 05301

phone 802 451 7510 | email katej@gradschool.marlboro.edu | web nonprofit.marlboro.edu

* now accepting applications for fall 2010 in Burlington and the Upper Valley *

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