BaseCamp: Project Template for Federal Grants

Having worked on several NIH grant applications using BaseCamp to keep track of all the bits and pieces, I’ve started to put together a BaseCamp project template that covers the workflow and components of the application. Here is what I’ve come up with so far for the task lists:

Related milestone: Initial Setup Complete
Verify DUNS number
Verify CCR Registration
Verify Grants.Gov Registration
Verify NIH Commons Registration
Establish Timeline (Grant Application Workflow)
Create working Project Summary (Abstract)
Solicit project partners
Negotiate partner relationships, PI, Co-PI, applicant organization, etc.
Post Solicitation Link
Download PDF Fill-In Forms
A budget must be prepared for each budget year, and must be prepared for any sub-awards. So, for a two year project, with a prime and a subcontract there will actually be four “budgets” that are entered on the Grants.Gov site. Also, note that the format is unique, and there are specific line items that won’t necessarily correspond to items that you create on your own budget spreadsheet.
Budget Year 1
Budget – subsequent years
Budget Sub-Awards
Budget Justification
Biosketches should be submitted in the agency-specific format. For example, there are specific formats for NIH, NSF and DOD. Biosketches should be submitted as Adobe PDF files.
PI Mary Smith
Co-Pi Joe Blow
Senior Research Partner — M. Mouse Ph.D.
Biostatistician David Copperfield
List people and institutions from whom you have requested letters of support. Check these off when received. Letters of support should be printed on institutional letterhead, must be signed and then scanned to PDF as they’ll be uploaded to Collaborators, constituents and stakeholders should include relevant specific information. Subaward partners must submit a letter of support stating their scope of work, signed by an authorized official of the institution. See more at
Institution ABC
Participant XYZ
Introduction ( 1 page max.)
Specific Aims ( 1 page max. )
Preliminary Data
Research Strategy (max 6 pages including graphics) Sections include Significance, Innovation and Approach
Biosketches for senior / key persons (4 page max each)
SBIR/STTR Information
PHS 398 Research Plan (see specific todo list, below)
PHS 398 Checklist
PHS 398 Cover Supplement
R&R Other Project Information
SF 424 (R&R) Cover Component
Multiple PI Leadership Plan
Timeline (Grant Performance)
Cover Letter
Research & Related (R&R) Project Performance / Site Locations
R&R Senior / Key Person Profiles (in addition to biosketches)
For NIH, evidence that these items are current and in order will not be asked for until the grant is actually approved. If they start asking about your finances and accounting system, that is a good sign.
Federal-Wide Assurance (FWA)
Institutional Review Board (IRB) Approval for Human Subjects
Approved Financial Accounting System

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