Odds and Sods

Installed the FreeNAS server yesterday in our student lab. Looks promising.

Don Lancaster has now created a free PDF version of his classic book, The Incredible Secret Money Machine. Get yours here.

It turns out that the same day all the ruckus was going on regarding the new TSA scanners, I was flying out from Philadelphia and got myself scanned. The whole thing seemed weird…even after getting scanned I got an upper body pat-down. By the time I’ve removed my jacket, shoes, belt watch, and emptied my pockets you begin to think it would be easier just to shuck off everything. The whole thing seems unreasonable. It would help if there was some trustworthy evidence presented that would document the effectiveness of all these security measures.

Keep up with all things Skype with the Skype Journal Blog

LifeHacker did a comparison of desktop videoconferencing apps. Not very rigorous, but is interesting nonetheless. I tried FaceTime on my mac, but wasn’t that impressed compared to iChat. Obviously if I had an iPhone it might be a different matter. Frankly, we’ve had really good luck with Skype and it works on Macs and Windows.

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