Annotated checklist for workstation setup

Notes for deploying Dell Optiplex 270 workstations with Windows XP. The machines are recycled, to be put into a student lab for light web surfing, and word processing. 

Install Windows XP OS
 Partition Hard Drive 
 Install Windows XP SP2 from Dell CD 

The machines originally came with a Dell “reinstall” disk CD, which contained an OEM version of Windows XP SP2. Each machine also has a sticker on the side of the machine, with a hologram that displays a “genuine Microsoft” installation key. 

 First User = “Network Manager” 
 Administrator password =   

 Drivers: Install Intel Chip Set Drivers
 Drivers: Install video drivers —  video will change from 640×480 to something more reasonable
 Drivers: Install network drivers.  

These drivers are available on the Dell support website. You an search based on the Dell service tag. The drivers are downloaded as zipped file, these need to be unzipped, and then the installation folders are copied to the hard drive. From there, you can execute the setup program for each driver.  There will be several reboots required.   

 Install Windows Updates, SP3 and subsequent updates
This is an iterative process, which involves  download, install, reboot. 

Using Internet Explorer, you can choose “Tools” ->”Windows Update” to get to the update web site. You’ll be prompted for installing the latest version of the update plug-in for IE.  Once that is installed, you can return to the same link and start looking for actual Windows updates. 
If the Dell installation disk does not include Windows Service Pack 3,  then this has to be installed and downloaded before installing subsequent updates. 
  Assign the machine name: YBWSx  — Workgroup = Workgroup. 
Do this using the Control Panel – System applet. Change the machine name to something matching your naming conventions. The machine name also shows up within LogMeIn, so make it identifiable if possible. 

Install Security Software  
 Install Microsoft Security Essentials
My current favorite for virus protection.
Create accounts and the network connections.  
 Create user accounts:   labmgr/labpassword with Admin rights, and student/student with normal rights 
 Install FreeNas batch file in C:\FreeNas 
 Create shortcut for Freenas batch file on desktop
This asks the user for a name and password to reach their personal folder on the network. 
 Install  Microsoft Office 2007 Office 2007 
 Install LogMeIn 

Log in under the Student Account: 
Remove icons for OE, Windows Media, etc. on start menu 
Create shortcut for Freenas batch file on desktop
 Pin Word, Excel, icons to start menu
 Change search engine in IE to Google, and home page to Google. 

Finish up
 Create iD stickers and instructional stickers and put on machine.   

Install on site
  Login with admin account
  Install printer(s) 
  Login with student account
  Test MAP H: connection to server

 Create Auto Login for student account
Press WindowsKey+R
In the box type control userpasswords2
select the student account 
check box, allow login without password. 

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