New FileMaker v. 12 with free iOS runtimes

FileMaker has announced their version 12 upgrade to the popular cross-platform desktop database.  The biggest news is that that the iPad and iPhone runtime versions, which used to cost $40.00 and $20.00 respectively, per device are now free on the Apple App Store. This is terrific, and will hopefully popularize FileMaker further on those platforms. 

The .fp7 file format has been retired in favor of a new format.  Fp7 files are moved into the new format in a one-way scenario….once changed they can no longer be opened in older versions.

I worked with the pre-release version of FM 12 and found most changes to be relatively minor. I had no problem converting older apps to the newer format. Everything worked in all formats and platforms; Windows, Mac OSX, iPad and iPhone, and Web forms. 

Matt Petrowsky did  a very nice video description that provides an overview of the new changes and additions to FileMaker 12. 

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