NY Times & Apple: Device Restrictions for Reading

I recently gave back my corporate iPad and was trying to access my NY Times digital subscription on my iPod touch…. but as I understand it,  the subscription covers either the iPad or or the iPod but not both (WTF?).

I also found out that I can’t access my bought and paid-for iBooks on my Mac.  (although I can still attempt to read them on the Touch).

I think this is a terrible design flaw.

I’m really going off digital reading, not that I was ever that enthusiastic. I can say with confidence I never completed a whole novel or non-fiction book that I started on the iPad.

Apple restrictions that don’t allow iBooks to be read on OSX devices (Mac computers!), and the New York Times policy of restricting content to particular devices is counterproductive.

At least Amazon with their Kindle apps allow books to be read across all my devices. Amazon titles tend to be either equivalent in cost,  or even cheaper than the iBook version.

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