Distractions: MacBook Pro, Spotify, and Aretha Franklin

While setting up a new MacBook, I downloaded and reinstalled OmmWriter, only to find that they had replaced the music from the earlier version 1.0. They now appear to be at version 1.3. and the music is much more, “video game-ish”, in my opinion.

It may be better to bag the music included with Ommwriter, and go with something a little more new-ageish. Some recent favorites have been music by Michael Hewett or Tina Malia, Guitar Adagios by Steve Erquiaga, and almost anything by Luciana Souza or Diana Krall.

The problem with some of the latter is that if you hear them cover a compelling song, then with Spotify its too easy to go find treatments of the same song by other vocalists. Example; “How Long Has This Been Going On?” by John Pizarelli..with a solo piano accompaniment started me off on a long search and comparison of artists, then to more George Gershwin, then to Sheetmusic Plus to get the piano arrangement.

And now I’m lost listening to Aretha Franklin’s cover of It Ain’t Necessarily So.

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