Odds and Sods

Don Lancaster has posted many of his books as free PDF files. My favorite has always been the Incredible Secret Money Machine.

Life seems to go in three year cycles. So every now and then it pays to take an inventory and see if what you are doing and who you are doing it with is what you really want. Are you now handling something for some organization that is being completely thwarted by some petty politics or childish ego games? Is the course you are teaching still relevant? Are you doing what you want with who you want? Are your biases and prejudices hurting you? Do you have., all the facts? What is working and what isn’t? What is fun and what is not? Are the hours you are spending on any project paying for themselves or otherwise rewarding you? Are you ignoring obvious new directions? Is a guilt trip getting laid on you? Have one time friends become psychic energy sinks? Are church or family demanding too much of your energy? 

The above paragraph is from the introduction to the 1992 second edition. The first edition came out in 1978. (I note these are going for $150.00 on Amazon).

LogMeIn has dropped their LogMeIn Free service.  For those with current Central or paid Pro accounts, nothing seems to have changed as of yet.

A recently published paper attempts to quantify the attributes of successful KickStarter campaigns. The Language that Gets People To Give.

Chris Oatley, a graphics and character designer has a series of blog posts entitled, Will Your Personal Project Make Money?

The Missing FileMaker ExecuteSQL Reference by Beverly Roth. If you think you need it, you need it. The link is from the excellent FileMaker Hacks web site.

MightyData: Another web site, full of Filemaker hacks.

Working on a migration project to move an older mySQL database to new hardware, and in the process, I’m simulating it as much as possible using VirtualBox. So far the challenges have been learning enough about how VirtualBox works, coupled with mySQL grants and rights, and a fair amount Ubuntu Linux, including software RAID.

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