Brightpearl API Part IV: Assessment and Plan

Part IV

I’ve been working through a process using the REST web API provided by the Brightpearl Inventory and Customer Relationship Management System. I think we’re about one-third through the process, and I wanted to take stock and plan what the next steps are. I’m mindful of the answer to the question of “how do you eat an elephant?” which is “one bite at a time”.

  • Complete the queries
  • Parse the JSON responses 
  • Convert the results to a .DBF file. 
Since I’m confident about sending queries to the system, I think the next piece to work on is how to parse the JSON output, so that the resulting string of fields and data can be inserted into a database program.  Ultimately, we’re looking to transform the JSON output shown in Part I into a series of fields and data. 
order ID Integer
orderTypeID Integer
contactID Integer
orderStatusID Integer
orderStockStatusID Integer
createdOn Timestamp
createByID Integer
orderPaymentStatusID Integer

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