Odds and Sods

FileMaker 13 is back at Tech Soup. A one-year subscription to FileMaker Server is $649. A full license for FileMaker Pro (the desktop client) is $194. Unfortunately, they don’t offer non-profit pricing for FileMaker Pro Advanced at TechSoup, but you can inquire directly at FileMaker, where there are frequent deals. During November they are offering a 2 for 1 deal for FM Pro and FM Advanced when you buy direct.

PITA of the week: The new OSX Yosemite transmits search data by default to Apple, Microsoft, and god-knows-where. This is a reversal from previous versions of OSX. There is a fix.

Powershell is turning out to be pretty amazing. There is an entertaining introductory video series from Microsoft Virtual Academy which includes Jeffery Snover, the original PowerShell author who explains why they do things the way they do.  

Ozzie Zehner is a green-technology skeptic, in the sense that he suggests that our infatuation with alternative energy like photovoltaics and windmills really perpetuates the energy status quo. His top suggestions for committed environmentalists; empower women and girls.

Green Illusions pioneers a critique of alternative energy from an environmental perspective, arguing concerned citizens should instead focus on walkable communities, improved consumption, governance, and most notably, women’s rights.

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