Alternative Software for Partitioning Drives

which could be subtitled…“Bonehead Network Manager Saves Neck With Nifty Software Utility”.

The Acronis Disk Director Suite 9.0 is an alternative to Norton Partition Magic and its ilk. What is great about this software is 1. It works
2. It is reasonable. $50.00
3. It is available as a download.

When installing Windows 2003 server, there was a default of 4 gigabytes for the system partition. Like an idiot I chose this, and about 10 days after installing it we were down to 5% free disk space. The Acronis software resized the disk partition almost effortlessly, taking free space from the main data partition and applying it to the system partition. Once the software is installed on a machine, you can create a boot disk (diskette or CD) and then boot the machine from that media.

I was a little worried about this because the “disk” is actually a RAID array… but since all of the NTFS partitioning takes place at the Windows software level, the Acronis software still treated the array as a single disk for partitioning purposes.


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