Desktop Utilities

 Visual Mind is a simplified, and elegant implementation of mind-mapping. $89.00 for the basic version, $199 for a “business version” that interfaces with Microsoft Office.

 BlogJet is a desktop application for putting entries into a web log. It works with most common blogging software. Free!

 X1 is still on top for desktop indexing. About $79.00.

 Onfolio: used both reading RSS feeds, and for organizing web links and information.  About $80.00 If I had to take one piece of software to a desert island, (assuming I could still bring my office suite, operating system and development tools) this would be it.  I even like it better than …

 ITunes which I like pretty much, although I don’t care for the restrictions that they put on the use of the music that you download, and I have to say that the sound quality of CD that you create from downloaded music leaves much to be desired.

 UltraMon A great utility that manages dual monitors.


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