DialplanPro Beta – Windows GUI

Here is an Asterisk dialplan creation tool for Windows. Even if you don’t use this directly, it includes all the bits and pieces of a dial plan including trunks, channels, inbound and outbound routes, and a visual planner for interactive voice response menus. Fun to play with as you try to understand the Asterisk configuration files.

From the description over at Asterisk and VoiP News:

Originally an exercise to learn Asterisk and have a GUI of my own to use, I developed a Windows based GUI to build dial plans and upload them to the Asterisk server. Currently in beta, it’s aim is to abstract routine chores such as dialing an extension or playing a voice.

I also wanted to be able to implement custom code in a easy graphical way as well so I included a scripting editor with most of the core functionality you’d expect like syntax highlighting, Parameter Hints, etc.

Although the GUI is Windows based, it communicates with a Linux binary TCP socket server written in house to control basic Asterisk functionality such as uploading required or included files, issuing simple commands like reload, restart, etc over the network. I also have plans to write a function to remote debug an AEL script using the aelparse executable and it’s output sent back to the Windows GUI.

While definitely still in beta, we are using the software to program our own Asterisk box here in our office and it’s working very well for us. Although note that we have a fairly simple dialplan with just a little bit of conditional logic, FirebirdSQL access and some TTS stuff to tease our resellers when they call in ;).

2 thoughts on “DialplanPro Beta – Windows GUI

  1. Anonymous

    Cool stuff. Very easy to create a dial script or whole dialplan. Installation of the server component needs work though. All in all, nice program. I’m waiting to see how they license this product. Thanks for posting it.



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