Chron This Week and other notes:

Seen on Smith on VoiP :
Free calls from the U.S. throughout the world from any phone (well, you have to pay to get to Iowa…).

Seen on David Seah:
And a nice web-based toolkit for looking the state of your network from Dave Seah who has also nicely chronicled his move from one server and domain to a new one.

Nothing technological in the Chronicle of Philanthropy this week, but there are several stories about NGOs that have created profitable services, products or businesses.

New blog: Web Worker Daily. I ran across this a couple weeks ago, and found it full of practical suggestions and ideas by people who are grappling with technology. Recommeded.

Finally, there has been a lot of noise about the Apple iPhone introduction, showing this picture. My question…what the heck is it? Goldfish In Bondage?, Invasion of the Round Green Blobs?

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