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A few days ago I wrote about potential holes in non-profit record-keeping systems, specifically the problem of tracking program outcomes or client outcomes. Today I started looking around and with a quick Google search I quickly found a discussion of just this problem at TechSoup. Several people commented on the article, and gave examples of the systems they use. A quick click and I found myself at Track Records Software. This package, Track Records CM (client manager?) was designed for a service provider who provides counseling and training and assistive technology for clients recovering from brain injuries.

This is an unreview, I didn’t actually run the software. Instead I walked through the online screencasts which give a pretty good idea of what the package can do. Some impressions:

  • This is a web-based system. The screens and reports are pretty much plain-vanilla html-type forms. Reports are basic html tables.
  • The system is client-centered.
  • Staff members have a password and can be restricted to seeing “their” clients.
  • You can “attach” another staff member’s name to the client record. This allows the staff person to access that particular client record.
  • You can make unrestricted log entries with a date and staff person who worked with that client.
  • Monthly reports are available which is pulled for all transations per months.
  • You can track goals and instructional data, and keep case notes.
  • You can schedule a client, and record whether they kept the appointment or not
  • You can schedule recurring appointments (“every week, Thursday at 10:00AM”).
  • There is a “document repository” which allows you to upload documents created or scanned from outside the system. These are held in a secure database which is subject to the same restrictions as the client records.
  • They mentioned donations and pledge tracking, however, this wasn’t demonstrated in the online screencast.
  • There is a “lending library” function which allows you track materials on loan to clients.
  • In keeping with the “outcomes” theme, there are fields and reports which track the placing of clients in job programs.
  • On-screen reports have embedded links to allow drilling down for more detail.
  • There is a very nice client record report which shows a summary of all activity related to the client on a single screen.

Things I’d like to know…

  1. What is the back-end database, and what are the hardware requirements?
  2. What is the cost of the system?
  3. Is the source code available, or is it possible to make modifications, add fields, etc? There is a simple and more complicated query/report writer available within the system already which may be sufficient for end-users.
  4. Is the system currently being enhanced?

The same vendor also has a payroll/staffing package.

1 thought on “Trackrecords: Client Outcomes Software Database

  1. TRSoftwareLori

    Mr. Keyes,Thank you so much for taking the time to “unreview” Track Records Software. After reviewing your blog and the comments made concerning the capabilities of Track Records CM, you seem to have hit the nail right on the head. Our hope is that Track Records Software will allow agencies to become more productive and serve more individuals without the need to hire additional staff. At the end of your blog, you posed several questions, which I would like to address at this time.1. What is the back-end database, and what are the hardware requirements? <>The software’s back-end database is MySQL 5. It runs on PHP 5 and Apache 2 under Debian Linux.The server hardware for Track Records is sold with the software installed as part of the price and contains modern specifications. As an example, a current-model Pentium 4 with 1GB of RAM is able to support significantly more than the number of concurrent users that most organizations will need and will generate results very quickly, no matter the number of concurrent users.On the user’s end, a PC with a web browser is all that is required to use the software.<>2. What is the cost of the system?<>There are many variables that affect the price of the software for any agency. First of all, since we have two products (Track Records CM and Track Records DS), we would first need to evaluate which software best fits the agency. The number of users also plays a role in determining the price. Any customer can contact us for a customized price quote at<>3. Is the source code available, or is it possible to make modifications, add fields, etc? There is a simple and more complicated query/report writer available within the system already which may be sufficient for end-users.<>Although Track Records Software was written in an open-source environment, the source code is not available. However, custom modifications can be made by Track Records Software for a fee, or if qualified, under the Support Agreement. There are many reporting options within Track Records Software that are sufficient for end-users to utilize when compiling information for organizational analysis and other purposes. <>4. Is the system currently being enhanced? <>The system is currently being enhanced to include new reports, new features, and current feature updates as a result of feedback from customers. We are also continuously studying the service provision industry and are adding features that will enhance Track Records Software to better serve the needs of our customers. Under the License Agreement, software upgrades are available.<>Thank you again for the time you took to take a look at Track Records Software. As I said earlier, our hope is that agencies will be able to serve more individuals at their current staffing. If you are interested in Track Records Software, please contact us for more information, a guided tour of the software, or a customized quote at (731) 554-5138,, or visit our website at < HREF="" REL="nofollow"> <>.Lori ReevesTrack Records Software



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