HP Printer Drivers – Foiled Again!

Honestly, I just don’t get it. I’m trying to install my printers to a new MacBook. I can open the printer dialog box and see the printer, the K5400 ink-jet, but when the installer searches for a driver, it doesn’t find one. So I trot out the CD that came with the printer, and attempt an installation. All I want is THE DRIVER. I don’t want PhotoSmart, I don’t want to participate in the HP customer participation program. I don’t want to install a bunch of third-party crapware. I just want to PRINT.

But there is no single driver file available either on the CD, or the CD image that you can download from the HP site. You have to run the HP installer. Fine.

So I run the installer and just after I say I don’t want to participate in the HP Customer Satisfaction Program, and receive valuable offers and updates, the thing hangs. And it stays hung.

So, HP, I won’t be printing to my HP K5400 today, and using up all those expensive inks.

Could it be a Leopard thing?

Update: Still not entirely satisfactory; I installed the printer directly by connecting the USB port. On a whim, (just lucky) I chose the OfficeJet Pro K550 driver which was in the list. This seems to work, when the printer is connected directly. It doesn’t yet work, over an IP network, even though the printer shows up with a “Bonjour” connection.

2 thoughts on “HP Printer Drivers – Foiled Again!

  1. Anonymous

    My HP5400K + Duplex has worked well since day 1, BUT HP software keeps trying to update itself and the downloads always fail. I have completed endless customer experience forms but do they contact me….not on your life. Well that might just be the last HP printer I buy.



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