HUD – Heads-Up-Display

Kerry Garrison at Trixbox conducted a webinar last Wednesday on HUD, the Heads-Up-Display… a computer interface to the TrixBox PBX. HUD gives you a display of all current calls, allows you to forward calls, and make calls to others on the PBX without having to dial your phone. The client version interfaces with OutLook, but the whole application is cross-platform; it will run on a Mac, PC, or Linux box. It includes an instant messaging system, which allows you to IM all the people who are on the system. Although they are currently using a proprietary IM protocol, an update will use the jabber protocol….which will allow you to include IM participants on AOL and other instant messaging systems.

One thing addressed in the webinar is a way to integrate your phone system with web applications, so you can use HUD with Salesforce, and SAP or other “customer relationship management” or CRM products. So, what might HUD be used for?

  • Call centers; inbound and outbound
  • Suicide and rape crisis lines
  • Counseling centers
  • Outbound solicitation (blood donors)
  • Clinic phone systems

Even if you never would consider using Trixbox, the webinar is useful to show the kind of functionality that is available in similar systems. The possibilities are mind-boggling.

There is an interactive demo.

The webinar is located here. It requires registration.

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