Trixbox Appliance: New Baby

Just unwrapped the new baby here… a Trixbox appliance (the so-called “base” model for about $999) that comes without landline interface cards. In its base configuration it is suitable for those who want to implement a fully IP-based VoIP system. I’ll be adding hardware to this; an existing Sangoma A200 card which provides two landline connections. I’ll only be using one of the two connections to start. I couldn’t resist starting it up, and sorry, but contrary to all the assurances; the thing is noisy. Too noisy to have setting next to my desk. Damn.

The dual power-supply version that was demonstrated back in June sounded like a jet engine. Definitely that one is a unit for the server room, not deskside.

We had our first real snow that stuck today, about three inches. The Trixbox will be a great project on those cold winter days.

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