Notes and sources for batteries and memory chips.

Found an inexpensive battery for my Dell Inspiron 8500 laptop at Simple Micro. Fast service. The battery appears to be working fine, and cost half to two-thirds of everyplace else I looked.

We are playing musical servers in the office. This means that my current server, an older Dell 8200 with 512K will get demoted to a low-end workstation, and the current spare workstation, which has 512K, but a Pentium 4 3Ghz and 120 gig drive will become the new server. In preparation for that operation, I used the memory configuration program at Crucial memory, to find out what my options were, and ordered a couple additional sticks to bring the memory up to 2.5Gig. I think this will be enough for the beta of Windows 2008, plus a beta of the Microsoft unified communications server.

In fact, I’m starting to wonder about having a “traditional” file server at all. Already I’ve got a networked printer with its own IP address. You can get networked storage devices, basically a large hard drive with a stripped down operating system, which just plugs into the network.

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