Trixbox Installation Checklist

Here is a short list of installation tasks for the Trixbox PBX.

  • Assign fixed IP address to WAN port
  • Place in DMZ (temporarily)
  • Get software updates
  • Configure a Polycom SIP phone
  • Configure Voicepulse SIP provider account
  • Make test calls
  • Configure router QOS setting
  • Insert Sangoma A200 card
  • Configure Zaptel card drivers
  • Configure Octasic echo cancellation (in software)
  • Configure 2nd Polycom phone
  • Configure Grandstream phone
  • Configure Remote Office phone
  • Place Trixbox behind the firewall.

Once the install is configured, then we’ll need to monitor the ongoing reliability of the SIP connections. This was one of the issues that I’ve had earlier; the Trixbox would loose the registration with the SIP phone provider, thus hanging up on long-distance calls. Unfortunately, I never was able to get it to fail-over to the landline, and there were no clear errors at the phone that said that anything was amiss. Not good for end-users.

Trixbox.Org is the community site for the free version of Trixbox, called Trixbox CE (community edition).

Trixbox.Com is the site for the commericial, hybrid-hosted versions. One of these is also available for free. The others are sold per seat on a monthly or a lifetime basis.

Most of my previous Trixbox posts are available under the Trixbox and/or VoIP labels. Doing a quick search I just noticed that one of my first posts was EXACTLY one year ago…November 29th 2006. Guess I should go back and take a look so I don’t repeat my mistakes of the previous year.

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