Install Vista on a MacBook

Here is an illustrated walkthrough of an installation of Windows Vista on a Mac running the virtualization software Parallels. 


There is a bit of a saga here; I was resisting installing Windows on my Macbook but I finally decided I couldn’t live without Microsoft OneNote, the note-taking software which comes with Microsoft Office 2007. (and version 2003, BTW).  I found that that the Mac version of office called something like Mac Office 2008 does not include a version of OneNote, so I took myself off to the handy-dandy computer depot at the university, got Parallels for about $79.00 and Windows for an academic price of about $15.00.  However, they’ve been told no more Windows XP, they’ll only sell Windows Vista.  
They also recommended 4 gigs of RAM; I’ve got 2, so we’ll see how it runs, and then if I need to upgrade I’ll probably do that through Crucial.  So now I have the OneNote trial running on Vista in a Parallel’s virtual machine.  Of interest will be seeing how this will eventually synchronize with my master OneNote file.  All that depends on  how the Windows network will work through Parallels. 

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