Introduction: February 1, 2008

Welcome to Tech for Non-Profits, the unplugged version of Microdesign Consulting. Part lab-notebook, part brain-extension, it is a repository for new and half-baked ideas and projects that we run across as we provide software and database development, network support, and R&D for a growing list of clients in education, health care and non-profit organizations.  

In recent weeks I have been working both with and as part of several non-profit projects. We are evaluating the results of our highly successful Creative/Tech Career Jam. and working on a new NSF grant application, the ITEST. We’re also operating under our Phase II SBIR grant, performing our R&D project related to telemedicine in home.   
Comments to the posts are welcome and encouraged. They are moderated, but appropriate and useful comments should appear shortly after you contribute them.  

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