Introduction: February 2009

Welcome to Tech for Non-Profits, and the pending Tech for Home Health Care. This is the unplugged version of Microdesign Consulting. Part lab-notebook, part brain-extension, it is a repository for new and evolving ideas and projects that we stumble across as we move our former exclusively database development and network support company into startup mode for a technology-based home health-care delivery service provider. Being grant funded ourselves, we’re very much looking over the the grant landscape.

Upcoming: I will be giving presentations at the Freedom to Connect conference March 30 and 31 in Washington D.C. and at the American Telemedicine Association annual meeting in Las Vegas at the end of April. Both presentations will focus around the technical (boxes and wires), aspects, rather than medical aspects of one variation of home tele-health; two-way interactive, multipoint videoconferencing, with examples from our ongoing pilot studies delivering supervised exercise classes with senior patients who have fallen or have a fear of falling.

We are located in the Vermont Center for Emerging Technologiesa technology incubator affiliated with the University of Vermont. Our major extracurricular activity is the Vermont Software Developer’s Alliance, a non-profit trade group which promotes economic development in our area, primarily for software development companies. Both organizations, by the way, are looking to encourage high-tech businesses to start up and/or relocate in our state. As software developers, we are pleased to be working in one of the few areas of economic growth.

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