Odds and Sods: iWork Update

iWork ’09
Apple has updated iWork from ’08 to ’09, and after working with it for a couple days, it appears to have been a terrific balance between new features and minor fixes. Here is a succinct description of iWork ’09 from CNET

Always Connected, Seldom Communicating
Why is it, that will all the cellphones, blackberries, eMail, Twitter, chat rooms, VoIP, Wifi, satphones, batphones, and saxaphones it is so difficult to get ahold of people these days? You’d think that people would be easier to reach. Here are my rules:

  • If somebody is paying me money, usually as a consulting or project client, then I will return calls within two hours, or eMail back within the business day.
  • If somebody is taking my money during a project, i.e. if they are a vendor or contractor or employee, then I would like to feel that I’m on their radar screen as a courtesy during the project. I’m not sure what the frequency of contact should be exactly, but at least once a day if there are issues. Is that too much to ask?

There is a Ph.D. thesis in here somewhere. Inverse Proportionality: The Damping Effect of Hand-Held Electronic Connectivity on Communication Efficacy.

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