Freedom to Connect Day 2 SmartGrid and Muni Fiber

Terry Huval — Lafayette LA fiber project
Huge benefit to local businesses
Filed lawsuits. Unknown citizens sued he city. 3.5 million dollars cost in litigation etc.
Cable co. raised their rates every 6 months until they finally stopped in Lafayette, and they think that the rate savings ALONE in cable rates saved the citizens of Lafayette $3.5 million. so, they got back the cost of defending themselves in litigation.

20% less than standard pricing is the target for things like triple play services

They offer:

TV and phone and internet service (Triple Play)

Overlaid the existing electrical infrastructure

Value of the topology, head end has generation and reliable substations also have electronics, mini hub in each substation.

Head end – 3 96 fiber rings 4 fibers 20 gigs per second Alcatel/Lucent product

Installed at each home:
2 fibers for RF video
2 fibers for IPTV Internet, Phone

This provides:
Optical terminal – includes a TV coax 4 POTS telephone lines, battery backup
2 100 megabit fiber connections


OLT – OLT 72 ports –> Local conversion point – 9

OLT provides 2400 customers.

Passive optical network.

At the home, the electric meter,

Issued bonds in July 2007
First customers served in Feb 2009 Remaining customers to be served by early 2011

VIP bundles video / internet / phone

10 megabit 2 way symmetrical (LK now foaming at the mouth).

Offerings for home internet service
10 megabit
30 megabit
50 megabit download and upload speeds

Calling rates: 5 cents for international, Europe, Caribbean, S. America and Asia

100 mbps peer to peer — within the system
included with every fiber internet product with a non-static IP
opens doors for citizens and businesses
$5.00 per month for a static IP

They also offer a TV Web Portal
basic internet access w/o a computer

10 meg
100 megabits for $200 per moth

Medical hub
movie industry – tax credit made available

80% businesses wanted LUS
Borrowed 100 million 60 used for build system
50% market penetration for the business plan
23% penetration allows for breakeven

So many people are so excited to support the community owned system
Just as important as electricity

More jobs, future of telecommunications, etc.

Tim Denton

Broadcasting in New Media

Question: Should we be taxing ISPs to put money into a fund to go into promoting Canadian content?

Not a single group raised a question of free speech across the internet?

Net neutrality issue, should look at the filings

Lafayette TV — This is the DRIVER in Lafayette for getting new customers. They must offer equal or better or cheaper service than the competitors.

Todd Marriot – current leader of the UTopia project – similar to the Lafayette project.
Question regarding “Open Access” model. Third-party businesses have infrastructure access.. with multiple service providers.

Answer: They are the only switched telephone provider, or cable TV provider on their muni network (at least until the bonds are paid off….) However, they need the services to pay for the network at this point. They assume that they are oversubscribed.

Terry Duval will play his fiddle. (cajun) (Old version of fiber networking)

John Jorgensen Quintet plays

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