2 thoughts on “Grants.Gov – Told You So?

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Larry,

    I looked around your site but didn’t see anything on how to get a mac for a non-profit. Can you point us in the right direction?



  2. Larry Keyes

    Hardware prices have come down so much in the past couple of years, it barely makes sense to looked for used gear. Assuming you are trying to save money, I think I’d take a look at the refurbished stock at Small Dog Electronics, or the Apple Store to get gear that is perhaps one or two generations back from what the current stock is. For example, my MacBook is about 18 months old, and is already three revisions back from the current aluminum versions, yet runs the latest OS, Leopard, without problems, and is generally, too good to replace right now.

    Few funders are going to give you money for equipment unless it is attached to a program.
    and most equipment purchases should be made in context of a program. Put together a well thought-out program with baselines and outcomes, a research or delivery plan, and well-articulated goals and target population and a Mac will be just a small portion of the whole program.

    The equipment is a means to an end… it isn’t a end in itself.

    If you have more questions, send them along.



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