Time Management Tools

  • Print out a checklist

    Printable CheckList is a good spot to print out a daily task list. It has been free and ad-free for many months, but I see recently they display Google ads at the bottom. But it is still free, and is great way to focus yourself on the next couple of hours.

  • Get off the Internet

    The program Macfreedom will disable your internet connection for up to eight hours. It can be configured to still allow access to the local area network (like your printers and file shares), while denying access to the wider world.

  • Track your time

    Harvest. You can print beautiful time sheets and reports, track multiple projects and tasks, and hourly billable time.

OK, now I really, really have to get back to work.

5 thoughts on “Time Management Tools

  1. Larry Keyes

    A quick look at iFocus…. it looks interesting; however, it is only for Windows at the moment and isn't web-based, so you are restricted to running it on a single machine. Also, iFocus apprears to be really for an individual; we're using Harvest to track projects and employee time sheets.


  2. Rareş P

    Larry that's a great idea. In one of the next versions I will add a capability for reporting time off multiple computers. I did not really design iFocus for use in a corporate setting, but this would be a nice thing to have since people often use multiple computers a lot. I know that RescueTime (rescuetime.com) has great features for groups.


  3. Larry Keyes

    Hi…I tried RescueTime, but found it inaccurate; particularly as it doesn't descriminate between multiple programs opened at the same time. I would suggest a Mac/Linux version of your existing program first; as I believe that would be the easiest thing to do and I really like the functionality your program offers.



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