Odds and Sods: XML

Nice introduction to XML here by Kate on the IBM Developerworks website.

Chart Porn is a blog that covers, er… data visualization. Despite its name, it is safe for work. Thanks NTEN!

Box.Net appears to take the”Files” section of Basecamp in a slightly easier to manage direction. Great for collaborations. I saw this in an interesting post by Thomas Friedman about new ways of collaboration and working on the net. His Sunday column describes a friend of his who created a promotional video for a non-profit at about 1/20th the cost of what they would usually charge using voice talent from Voices.com, background music from AudioJungleand stock video from iStockPhoto

Who says you can’t have cool videos? The Story of Stuff

Microsoft Office 2010 beta is available for download. I downloaded Visio and it appears to be fine, although I can’t really say that there are huge differences from the previous editions. Visio now has a ribbon interface. The main change seems to be tighter integration with SharePoint.

The full Office Professional 2010 beta is available for download, and ostensibly will work until October 2010.

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