Chron This Week — Acorn, Technology, Cutbacks

The Chronicle of Philanthropy, is, as they say, “the newspaper for the non-profit community”, and this week had lots of good stuff. Much of their good material is behind a pay wall, like their commentary analyzing the Acorn scandal. Fortunately, the text was reprinted in the Huffington Post.

The attack on Acorn is not really about a few bogus names on voter forms or about a few staff members providing advice to a phony prostitute with a video camera. Rather, it is part of a broader conservative effort to attack progressive organizations (including labor unions, environmental groups, activist religious organizations, and community organizers).

The attacks on Acorn began years ago. Its corporate enemies paid a Washington public-relations firm to create the web site, where many of the attacks on Acorn were first rehearsed. Then the right-wing echo chamber orchestrated its war on Acorn, and the mainstream news media joined the chorus.

Other articles include discussions of Twitter and social networking, and several pieces about how non-profits are fairing in the recession. (not good).

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