Quick Look at Windows 10

Well, I was going to say that the Windows 10 technical preview solves many of the problems that Windows 8 has, including the lack of a start button.

I installed this in a virtual machine both to take a look at 10, but especially to take advantage of updates to Windows PowerShell, which are available only with Windows 8 or later. I’m happy to say the start button is there.

The start button leads to the tiles left over from Windows 8. Maybe this can be re-configured to avoid the tiles? Didn’t Microsoft get the memo that people working on business-class desktop computers DON’T WANT TILES!  At least not the default ones, with videos, the stock market, etc.

OK so you can right-click and delete a tile.  I can imagine configuring this as a standard operation when deploying a new desktop computer to a co-worker.

If you look in the document explorer the new icons are even more cartoon-like than than before. It makes me nostalgic for the old “cartoon-like” icons of Windows XP.


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